Thursday, February 24, 2011

zero luck

TERRIBLE DAY! the unluckiest! i've sighed so many times today. lost count of it. it happened dis morning. okay, lemme list them.

1 - otw to class while riding in the campus bus, there was a seat which got so much water spilled on it. didn't notice coz the seat's color is dark. i sat on it. at first i thought it was the aircond's. the last minute, i think it's choc dutch lady or coffee or smthg as it left a huge, lovely choc color traces on my pants after that. n even smell too.
2 - i sat with only 1/4 of my butt on the seat. it was really wet! wanna change to other seat, but it's damn full.
3 - no luck, they got no tissue. had just asked my friends. totally stressed thinkin bout it.
4 - little spilling of my strawberry dutch lady which i just drank, came out from its container direct towards my bag.
5 - again, no tissue.
6 - walking along the pedestrian bridge by covering my pants so hard hoping ppl won't see the stain.
7 - take another bus then. the sling of my bag slipped out suddenly from its clip when i was just about to get off the bus.
8 - grabbing fast my bag. not covering now. i felt so clumsy at that moment. while worrying of that bloody ugly-stained pants. i'm sure, ppl alrdy saw it.
9 - just after i passed my book(damn thick+heavy!) that i'm holding to ain, she started to trip. it all just happened. she's quite embarrassed coz there's so many ppl around.

there! sort of long list huh! pity ain. so sorry for that, really. i would say, it's very awful that things messed up for today. i am so done. matter fact, ain claimed that my bad luck had infected her. no! i'm not carrying any luck.pls. but just for today. TODAY okay. so, blame me for nothing! haha. when i think it all back, it was kinda funny anyway.LOL. whatevr it is, i had my day today. :D


  1. ehehhehe did i said that my dear?? ohhh nooo ahahhahaha i'm sure u are really stress that morning..i still remember ur face that day..*monyok* ekekekekkekekeke

  2. AHA. tahuu. sgt kottt. nak buat mcm mana kan. hihi :D


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