Thursday, February 17, 2011

all for TOMORROW!

now i'm in the comp lab. need to stop breathing for a moment. ahhh...~ supermassive work loads! can't sit straight. idk what's going on to me today but i can't feel the ground anymore. okay. first thing, TOMORROW, one assignment of Mathematical Methods needs to be submitted. fucking tough i don't even understand the questions!! next, there's gonna be 3 tests for TOMORROW. damn it. that's a lot. have to prepare for english test TOMORROW. math methods test TOMORROW. programming test TOMORROW. but just few min ago our tutor, Marilyn announced there'll be no programming test. luckily. wuhoooo! i wanna scream like hell..!! funny. i just remembered. know what? my course-mate like to call her Marilyn Manson. which is no way it suits her because she's so cute and gentle. aww.she must be proud that i mention her in my entry. it's even in the second post! thank god anyway. one burden reduced at least. i hope i'll be better TOMORROW. c'mon u go girl! u got the spirit! :D hey when did i start to have wisdom like dis? aha. not inspiring enough was it? 

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