Tuesday, February 15, 2011

who's that fella?

hey there! hi earth ppl..! imma newbie 'ere. well. i've to say that this is my first time getting involve in this bloggie thingy. it just happened, u know. i'm addicted to reading others' page so i think i might start to write one. i'm kinda excited. not kinda. SUPER excited! gosh.i feel so good. having this medium to express feelings, makes me more relieved cause things hadn't be so easy for the past few days including today. orally, i'm not actually good, so it's such a great way for me to pour all things out into words. this could be like a diary or jurnal, isn't it? ;)

let me introduce myself. wth? it should be the first thing! okay.let me start again. for the first part, yeah u can see my name as written at the bottom there. u can call me Juwa. at first i found it lame when my aunt suddenly came up with that name for her lil daughter to call me but i like it then. Najwa would be okay. but Hanis? nahh.that doesn't come into my preference. Wawa? urghh so weird. sounds girlish. unacceptable. enough of names, moving on. 

currently i'm studying in USM. so i'm staying in penang, it's my first year of second semester. taking comp sc course, which i'm not really like. that's one of asshole craps that ever occured to me. wish i could turn it around but seems like i've been destined to get into this place. crap oh crap. seriously. my future wouldn't even follow my ambition. i wanted to be an accountant. hell i'm going into science stream. duhh. so ppl, stop being so ambitious.LOL JK. u can. but it's everyone's fate, so depends. i guess i'm not fortunate enough. still, i'm glad. cause i've many friends ere. dude, they rock! sempoi + fun. besides the environment's nice. one thing is, it's quite far to reach home when there's semester break. i wish i could bring my dad's mini cooper. cute car isn't it? but my dad said that he would only let me bring it on my 3rd year. really have to wait patiently until berjanggut semua.haha. or maybe, i could make puppy face to dad, begging him, giving lame excuses n stuff. as if it's working. never will.

supposedly i have assignments to be done and now we're talking bout THE PRESENT. urgh i hate reality. but yeah, relaxing ere spending time on writing some unimportant things rather than finishing any work. well that's just me. whatta lazybump! need to stop procrastinating.

i think i'd better stop for awhile. guess u haven't know me much. i'll be writing more and u'll get to know me.
                                                                                                                                                          make ♥ , not war. x0x0 :))               

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