Thursday, August 25, 2011

clear your doubts

salam ramadhan everyone! hope you earned your fasting day today. has anyone cheated?? haa you better not! Allah is wherever you are. ehehe. you know, it's sad to see some muslims eating in public restaurants during the day with no embarrassment especially the guys. *sigh* what really are their excuses for not fasting? i bet you guys have your period too huh?

so how bout your iftar today? i haven't had any kuih like usual. oh i miss yesterday tepung pelita! *seriously sedap tak tipu* it's the best i've ever tasted in my life. why? cause they made the bottom green layer using pandan leaves, not coloring. anyway, pls congrats me as i, had spent hours designing, 3 days exploring graphic application like a total tech-blind, and successfully completed doing my blog header. *finally*

oh! and to Ain & everyone who question my previous two posts, actually i just had an intention to write poetry when someone brought up to me about his ex-gf. btw i would like to dedicate these poems to my ex-bf, Chace Crawford (not his real name). LMAO! :D
                                                                                                                                                         you know you love me, Xx

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

this is the story of a broken heart II

now wait a minute.

your trashy friends with their dumb acts,
i didn't enjoyed to see you all bonded yet you loved it.
they grey smoke i didn't liked,
you inhaled it anyway.
your temper's high like you're demon,
it's uncontrollable i can't face down.
your jealousy was always out of place,
difficult to handle but i dealt with it.
insecurity was all you gave,
when you swore to protect me.
the trust you put on me,
you destroyed it.
i fought for all that i've got to save us,
you pushed me away.
clearly there's someone else,
instead you said our knot was a burden.
then my heart you bruised,
you just left me here to bleed.

like you're so perfect.

i put my faith in you.
what a stupid thing to do.
i hold on to you.
what a wasted time.
i tried so hard to be the one.
i didn't like who i had become.
that wasn't okay.

say hello to goodbye.
cause this was the end of you and me.
i'm sorry i decided to be me.
you'll never be good enough for me.
i hope you know you've lost my respect.
and i feel so much better when i'm not in your arms.

i made regrettable mistake.
i wish i told you from the start.
that this was never meant to last.
we should have never gone this far.
i should have never let my heart opened to you.

bear in mind.
i won't forget this scar baby.
but i would forget the hell YOU.

Drop Dead