Tuesday, August 23, 2011

this is the story of a broken heart II

now wait a minute.

your trashy friends with their dumb acts,
i didn't enjoyed to see you all bonded yet you loved it.
they grey smoke i didn't liked,
you inhaled it anyway.
your temper's high like you're demon,
it's uncontrollable i can't face down.
your jealousy was always out of place,
difficult to handle but i dealt with it.
insecurity was all you gave,
when you swore to protect me.
the trust you put on me,
you destroyed it.
i fought for all that i've got to save us,
you pushed me away.
clearly there's someone else,
instead you said our knot was a burden.
then my heart you bruised,
you just left me here to bleed.

like you're so perfect.

i put my faith in you.
what a stupid thing to do.
i hold on to you.
what a wasted time.
i tried so hard to be the one.
i didn't like who i had become.
that wasn't okay.

say hello to goodbye.
cause this was the end of you and me.
i'm sorry i decided to be me.
you'll never be good enough for me.
i hope you know you've lost my respect.
and i feel so much better when i'm not in your arms.

i made regrettable mistake.
i wish i told you from the start.
that this was never meant to last.
we should have never gone this far.
i should have never let my heart opened to you.

bear in mind.
i won't forget this scar baby.
but i would forget the hell YOU.

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