Monday, April 25, 2011

it's not a death wish, it's a fashion statement

i can't help myself lately. i browsed into so many websites just to search bout this thing. gosh! i become passionate about it. all the time simply looking through the styles, accessories, colors, brands and looks...i'm drooling all over and over again. i must admit, i am certainly like those ppl who call themselves, Fashion Victims. oops correction. i am one rite now.

i am going crazy about 


i am soooo dying for this one! 

i fell in love with this when it was featured in Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 13. watching Jenny Humphrey (played by Taylor Momsen) carried this, it's truly fascinating! bags hold everything. this Bodhi Safety Pin Clutch is so unique n extraordinary. with an oversized of gold safety pin handle, it is very on the cutting edge of style. the craftmanship is top notch, with Italian pebbled leather n authentic patent trim. it has my acquired taste. but this cute clutch is more expensive than many clutches n yet to me, it's worthwhile for a great work of modern art! how can u not want this? ohh pls, can someone help me to get this on a good price? idk if i could find this on the internet. probably i will purchase it online.  :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

forgot many yesterdays

currently, this is 2nd semester. now, FINAL EXAM MODE. 
i realise i hadn't post much on the blog. nearly all weeks for this sem had been very tiresome and hectic. been very busy to complete this and that. non-stop assignments. attended a lot of tests. sadly, i didn't spend enough time to focus on myself. that wasn't so cool 'cause i spent too little time hanging out with friends, a very few number of days if u wanna know. 

somehow, u forget to live ur life for a moment because of the routine as a student. yes, there's never been enough time for me to do all the things i want. it's been fun studying. but the tense of it started to evolve and keep rising. waiting for the volcano to vomit its hot lava in any minute, NO i don't wanna explode. so nowww....i'm taking some time to sit back for a while to cool down. 

i can't wait to be back in Seremban. i love the fact that my parents are gonna come to pick me up. so damn glad! cause my stuffs are pretty massive. my last paper is on friday. i never go home since i arrived here on 26 dec 2010. nearly 4 months. it makes me homesick and all i think about rite now is my family especially my little brother, my cat and my room. i wanna sleep in my comforter and never wake up. i wanna make spaghetti, cakes and eat so much like i never eat before. i wanna tickle my cat so hard until she meows to my mum that i bother her a lot. i wanna play ping pong on the wall with my lil brother like squash until my cat gets distracted when the next min she tries to catch the ball. i wanna go supper with my dad + my two brothers after midnite with mini cooper and test-driving it like a crazy racer to reach top speed. 

this time, no place is better but home. 
oh guys! i miss home so bad.............. :(

Friday, April 8, 2011

towards computer sciences

yesterday we all had workshop. there was briefing on what specialisations we wanna take. they gave us 3 choices. i just made up my mind. idk wat would gonna be. after all, i chose to major in..........
 1st choice - Software Engineering (SE) 
 2nd choice - Distributed Systems & Security 
 3rd choice - Information System Engineering (ISE) 
the dean evn asked us to write some words of why we r choosing those majors. n i say i'd prefer SE. first maybe bcoz of the title. but the seniors said that there's no programming. none in SE. but i like coding (not too much of course). in fact, it's more of readings which i dont like at all. while security does hv this programming applied. so, i've no idea. i kinda interested in it too. deeply thinking, im scared. i'm confuse. i mean dis is my future! i hope i've done the best for myself n i really hope that i made the right decision. i don't wanna go through things i will regret. god, give me courage for the next 3 years coming. the most important thg, i really really hope i wont be in probation. just need a motivation...aim for the goal baybeh! u can do it!

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