Friday, April 8, 2011

towards computer sciences

yesterday we all had workshop. there was briefing on what specialisations we wanna take. they gave us 3 choices. i just made up my mind. idk wat would gonna be. after all, i chose to major in..........
 1st choice - Software Engineering (SE) 
 2nd choice - Distributed Systems & Security 
 3rd choice - Information System Engineering (ISE) 
the dean evn asked us to write some words of why we r choosing those majors. n i say i'd prefer SE. first maybe bcoz of the title. but the seniors said that there's no programming. none in SE. but i like coding (not too much of course). in fact, it's more of readings which i dont like at all. while security does hv this programming applied. so, i've no idea. i kinda interested in it too. deeply thinking, im scared. i'm confuse. i mean dis is my future! i hope i've done the best for myself n i really hope that i made the right decision. i don't wanna go through things i will regret. god, give me courage for the next 3 years coming. the most important thg, i really really hope i wont be in probation. just need a motivation...aim for the goal baybeh! u can do it!

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