Saturday, July 30, 2011

this is the story of a broken heart I

please change.
that's what you told me from the start.
you hated my way.
thought you were something special.
i tried to change.
i wanted to be better for you.

more i turned into a good girl.
less i surrounded around people.
more i communicated with you.

cleaner i came off.
farther i drifted from the ones i loved.
closer i got to you.

but that was okay.
you were the one i loved most.

what you were up to, i did not comprehend.
now you were testing me, and i lost.
you tore me with your words.
you grabbed my hand.
but you never showed me how.
there you said that again.
please change.
i did tried before.
to your satisfaction, that was not enough.
i tried to change.
i wanted to be the best for you.

less i stayed away from you.
more i ignored my best friends.

sweeter we both were.
bitter my friends were.

but was this okay?

Friday, July 15, 2011

bring it, old cars!

yeah yeah yeah. we went to a Mini Show on last Sunday (10 july). i mean me, my youngest brother, my mum and my dad. but there's no photo of my brother. he's such a fuss, never like to take pictures. despite, the events is quite grand i can say. very sunny though. yes, i've been meaning to add the fact that i DO NOT really like sun. HAHA. but i still like sunflower :D

there were a lot of cars actually. i think there were more than 60. for those who do not know, you might think they're all Mini Coopers, do you? no, you're totally wrong. let me correct your knowledge. MINI has many models. not just only Cooper. btw, Cooper is referring to the engine's name and it's very hard to find. so if anyone has Mini with the Copper S engine, yours is definitely rare and high-speed. Other MINIs are Mini Austin, Mini Clubman, Mini Mk I, Mini Mk II, Mini Mk III, Mini 1275 GT, Mini Van, Mini Wagon, Mini Pick-Up and Mini Mok. there're many more but these are the common ones.

the event was held in conjunction to "Malacca as The World Heritage City" 3rd celebration. i lovee the tourists. they were like wowing and kinda touched cause Malaysians cherish these cute cars and keep it smashing. just like they have in London. we brought the golden orange car and YAY! we won the lucky draw. the plate number always brings luck! if anybody's thirsty or hungry, there won't be anything. all you ever find were the booths that sold the Mini's spareparts. so, eat 'em! haha. there's even a competition called "Guess How Many Balloons?" inside a car(photo above), all the balloons were in there. so a man had nailed this. he guessed 152 and it's exactly the answer. while i, had written 84. not even close!! damn it. nevermind, i enjoyed anyway. :))

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