Saturday, July 30, 2011

this is the story of a broken heart I

please change.
that's what you told me from the start.
you hated my way.
thought you were something special.
i tried to change.
i wanted to be better for you.

more i turned into a good girl.
less i surrounded around people.
more i communicated with you.

cleaner i came off.
farther i drifted from the ones i loved.
closer i got to you.

but that was okay.
you were the one i loved most.

what you were up to, i did not comprehend.
now you were testing me, and i lost.
you tore me with your words.
you grabbed my hand.
but you never showed me how.
there you said that again.
please change.
i did tried before.
to your satisfaction, that was not enough.
i tried to change.
i wanted to be the best for you.

less i stayed away from you.
more i ignored my best friends.

sweeter we both were.
bitter my friends were.

but was this okay?

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