Thursday, February 24, 2011

without u baby..

it was such a long time i've been away. poor my bloggie, sorry i didn't update u. just because i'm having my BABY (lappy) broken down for bout 5 days and it's i-don't know-how-much damage dis lappy has gone through n me too. we've gone through a lot rite, baby? yeah, i'm getting trouble to search for someone who can repair cuz i'm so lazy to bring it to Acer centre. haha.okay, slap me u lappy sweetheart! if i could, i'd do it myself. of course then i'll become like Si Luncai Yang Membaiki Labu. haha.

yay! thank god, i could finally find my first option by dropping it for checkings n some services to the technician in our school. i'm glad that he offered to help. i can see he's kinda busy but yeah, he's willing to give his hand. the problems all started when i inserted my hard disk. n i played a dvd. my mistake, i copied the dvd to save into the hard disk when i was supposed to rip it. duhh! that's total moron. why couldn't i read the label first?? it's DVD u moron! well, he did do some helpings. thanks to him. but, i think it's temporary. i hv my instinct that it's gonna happen again. i mean the damages. 

for now, my baby is feeling better. however, she's still sick. there's a few lil damages which make me feel annoyed. first, the hard disk indicator is still blinking, which means it's still running but gees i'm not even insert it. then the scroller of the touchpad doesn't working tho. next is when i'm volume up, it doesn't appear on the screen. think it might hv smthg to do with the setting, idk. nvm, i'll try to take care of her as much as i can. hoping u'll get well soon, baby!
                                                                                                                                      with love 

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