Sunday, February 27, 2011


the best of friends,
can change a frown,
into a smile,
when you feel down.

the best of friends,
will understand,
your little trials,
and lend a hand.

the best of friends,
will always share,
your secret dreams,
because they care.

the best of friends,
worth more than gold,
give all the love,
a heart can hold.

HIDAYAH. besties in standard 3 back in primary school. funniest thing was, we admired the same boy!

secondary school. BUDAK RUKUN 17. call us HALOGENS. (u know why it is if u r taking Chemistry)

met these 3 idiots in matrics. when they drive me nuts, i just love them more for being just a lil bit daring n just a lil bit quirky!

wing-mates. in matrics too. VERY happening, awesome & full of dramas. ohh they love to make so much noise!

 now univ life. another gang called TUNGGAL. never miss a laugh every single day. laughing out so loud not caring of ppl around, that's just us!  


  1. aww ske2 tp x nmpk aku sgt..cdiy suda..haha..

  2. alalala biela cygg. nti i post lg psl kita ye. we hv history rite? dont worry..

  3. aww aku ske history..hehe.. =)


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